MENA LEGAL - Your Trusted Global Counsel

MENA LEGAL was founded two decades ago by lawyers who had previously worked for large international law firms, but who preferred to take their skills to a smaller, international boutique firm environment in order to lend a more meaningful and direct impact to the business life of their clients.

At MENA LEGAL, all of our matters are assigned to at least one partner/senior lawyer, who is tasked with direct interaction on the issues at-hand and management of the firm’s expert services, handled in a smooth, efficient and quality-minded manner, in keeping with the best interests of our clients.

Our clients appreciate our lawyers’ many years of hands-on business experience in advising international companies in respect of their investments in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East, and in particular the proven “One-Stop-Shop” added-value services MENA LEGAL provides through its Swiss Association, BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES (B&A), which is made up of lawyers, but also tax experts, finance and business consultants, investment bankers, wealth management service providers, accountants, insurance experts, strategic consultants and recruitment agents.

The name of our firm, MENA LEGAL, is derived from Pharaoh Mena, the legendary first king of a unified Egypt, who ruled over a single, centralized monarchy in around 3100 B.C. Pharaoh Mena was responsible for the drafting of history’s first legal codification of law, thousands of years before Babylonia’s Hammurabi and the later legal codes of the West, like the Magna Carta.  This feat of clerical skill and political power was immortalized in inscriptions and drawings only discovered in recent decades.  It is in this tradition of the rule of law and the building of a civil society that MENA LEGAL, as a firm, takes its inspiration.

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