Pro Bono & Corporate Social Responsibility

At MENA LEGAL, we believe that setting ourselves high professional and ethical standards and acting responsibly in our dealings with our clients and helping the communities where we operate is an integral part of our work.

We leverage our talent, geographic reach and resources to make a positive and lasting impact on many of today's social and economic challenges, helping the poor if they cannot afford the legal services they need, supporting children’s education and artist which make our world a more colorful place….

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, we not only support financially or through free education and legal consultation programs, but inspire each of our members and colleagues to make a difference in their daily life, and support those start up clients with social valuable concepts and environmental, sustainable and educational impacts.

You may request a copy of our annual Pro Bono & CSR report via Email.


Some examples of our most recent Pro Bono & CSR activities:

  • Various free legal consultations of individuals which became victims of corporate illegal activities
  • Providing free legal courses to the UAE community of various legal aspects of life and business
  • Financing Sri Lanka Tsunami victims’ kids with school up to higher education
  • Co-Sponsoring Berlin-Dubai Artist for his different vision on Dubai picture book “The Dubai
  • Supporting free of charge young international team, developing global free education online system

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