The Difference: “One-Stop-Shop” Solution

MENA LEGAL, with its multi-national network of law offices, is part of the Zurich-based Swiss association of BREXENDORFF & ASSOCIATES (B&A), an international association of lawyers, tax experts, finance and business consultants, investment bankers, wealth management service providers, accountants, insurance experts, strategic consultants, recruitment agencies, as well as fintech and blockchain experts.  This association provides all of its members with a readily-available and very active, trusted network of professionals to better serve client needs.   

The development of the MENA LEGAL and B&A service portfolios has coincided with increasing commercial interest in the Middle East and Africa, regions in which the firm, its lawyers and other professionals, have been specialized for almost 30 years.

The practice of the respective offices of our law firm and B&A members is designed to address the needs of inbound foreign investors doing business in an environment where the laws, customs and economic conditions are often significantly dissimilar from those experienced at home.  To this end, it is important to rely not only on legal expertise, but also on an in-depth knowledge of the local business cultures and customs present in the various regions in which our members are based.  

Our lawyers and B&A members support clients with a business- and results-orientated approach, tailored to a client’s individual needs; from the initial planning phase to negotiations, completion of the transaction, the day-to-day operational issues, as well as all sorts of matters in-between.

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