It is the first time, that civil marriage is recognised in the UAE

The New Personal Status Law of the UAE aims to provide non-Muslim expats with more legal equality and protection, unless any of them insists on the application of their country’s law. Under the Federal Decree Law no. 41 of 2022 that took effect on 1st February, 2023:

WPS A Comprehensive Guide FEBURARY 2023

Indeed, private sector employers in the UAE have been requested to becompliant with the new law and therefore to revise employmentcon-tracts, internal policies and procedures accordingly with thebiggest change to the law governing labour relations in the countrysince 1980.

What are the Laws surrounding Blockchain Companies in the UAE?

MENA LEGAL is a pioneering international boutique law firm that is demystifying the complex legal environment surrounding blockchain/crypto technologies for businesses in the MENA region and beyond. The attached newsletter gives the Legal Breakdown Surrounding blockchain, Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs.

MENA LEGAL exhibiting at the DIFC Fintech Dubai, Week June 27, 2022

MENA LEGAL the 1st Law firm to be opening up HQ in METAVERSE

Renowned international boutique law firm, MENA LEGAL will be exhibiting at the DIFC Fintech DubaiWeek at The Ritz Carlton, DIFC, on June 28 and 29. The MENA LEGAL team, including Dr Alexander Brexendorff, co-founder and blockchain legal expert and Christian Nel, head of blockchain practice group, will be attending the event and advising on blockchain […]